Friday, 16 December 2016

2016 Review

Since it is our last year for the year 8's we made a review to show case what we have been doing for the past few terms in 2016. As a class we had a very fun time collaborating a playing our activities as a class. This year we made new friends and met new people around the manaikalani schools. Having to leave this school made us very sad but having memories with us made us happy and joyful. We are going to see what is coming next for us in 2017.

Yr 8's Graduation

 On Wednesday night the year 8's had graduation. It was an exciting night and everybody looked stunning. Before we started we took a group photo altogether and then we headed into the dinning room for dinner also dessert.  After dinner we got our graduation certificates handed to us. Later on there was dancing on the dance floor. We did 8 dances which was Cha Cha and Rock and roll. We did 1 more for our families to see. Here is our slide show of the night.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016


For literacy we got to do a fun learning about labyrinth. We have to watch a movie and talk about the different shots also the characters. Later after the whole learning we have to make a DLO about what our favorite parts were and what the movie were about also the introduction of there entrance. I had a lot of fun watching and learning about the movie.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Tahuna Torea Trip

For our trip to Tahuna Torea we got to have a little but of fun but our main learning behind it were that we got to see where the Godwit/Kuaka eat. The sites were so beautiful from the dry land. Walking for a hike was a great learning because we saw different flowers we haven't seen before. Having to play at the playground made us have fun and make new friends.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Multi Model Reading

 Today for reading we were doing Multi modal Reading. Multi modal Reading is what we basically done for the Pigeon learning but this one is about the Godwit/Kuaka. In the R group there were Paige, Jasmine, Zeba, Sylis, Juanita, Eric, Mia and Tai. What have been doing is a matrix where we have to make up questions of our own. The D-team worked very collaboratively as a group. Then we had to do reciprocal reading the book was facts about the Kuakas/Godwits. Today was good because we got to work together and share new learning

Monday, 5 December 2016

Straw Rocket Fair Test DLO

For tech we have been learning about rockets. We were so excited to see what we were going to do. At Tamaki College we had Mr Dunn as our teacher to teach us about rockets. It was so interesting learning about rockets. Our first task was to make a straw rocket and we couldn't figure out what is was until we have watched a video. We were so thankful to learn at Tamaki College. The whole class learnt a lot about rockets and were so interested to learn more.

Rocket collage

At tech we learnt a lot and had so much fun. I have made a collage about our learning. This collage is in story order which starts from the start. Having to make rockets also learn about them really made us be interested in rockets. Our teacher from Tamaki College talked to us about what a rocket is and how you can make one. Straight after the learning time we got to make a straw rocket which was really hard because to improve your rocket you would have to change the length or change the fin size. We were so happy and thankful for having to learn at Tamaki College.