Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Olden days handwriting

We were learning how to do write with ink, like they use to do in the olden days. It looks quit easy when you look at it but it was really hard.It was hard because you need to be really careful when you writing so you don't smud the ink all around the paper. 


Paige said...

I like your handwriting but lit up on the ink and then it will by nice and pretty

Mere said...

Hi Ana,
I really like your handwriting because you have tried your best on it.Keep up the good work.

By Mere

Jane said...

Hi Ana,
I like your olden handwriting. Some day you would grow up and show your parents. Keep up the great work <3

maata said...

Hi Ana
You did a good job with your olden days handwriting. It sounds a bit tricky because you have to be careful not to smudge the ink.

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